#DrinksInAction is back with #ShareACoke

When I was starting in Instagram in 2011, I tried sharing visual stories by using softdrinks bottles (and cans, too) as subjects.

In Instagram, I started #DrinksInAction hashtag and it carries my snapshots as a newbie. Here are some of them:




When I came across this YouTube video from Coca-Cola Australia, I silently wished we have the same campaign in the Philippines.

And come 2014, Coca-cola Philippines launched the #ShareACoke campaign with our Pinoy culture in it. Coke bottles and cans not only have names like the ones in Australia, but it also has generic names like “‘Tay”, “Barkada”, “Ka-Liga”, Ka-banda”, “Bro”, “Sis”, “Daddy”, “Mare” among others.

This August, #DrinksInAction comes to life again with my #ShareACoke #AgostoKoTo series.



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