Day 136. Family Ties.


My Aunt Rose, Cousin Cha, Bro Jonas and me during the dinner.


My brother and I met early tonight to have dinner with an aunt and a cousin. We rarely do this thing as we all had this hectic schedule even though we all work near each other.

As laughter filled the air while we delight ourselves with that teriyaki and tonkatsu served with rice and veggies, I just realized that I had this same ‘ties’ with my colleagues at work. We aren’t related by blood but we stick with each other through thick and thin.

Next year, when a new chapter of my life begins, I will look forward to renewing that bond with you all, Lakeside friends.

A dinner, much like what I just had, would do. ^^,

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Day 135. Team Games.


Team games we did for the past 5 months. (Photos courtesy of LEE R.)


Every Friday since June 15, I look forward to the activities that the HR had prepared for the team.

I gained new friends and I got to understand the perspective of my teammates more, each time we aced the activities.

Little did I know that these games which kept us occupied during Friday lunchtimes will be one of the things I would always look back into. 

Fridays will never be the same again. 

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Day 135. Project Team.


The project I am managing is nearing its closure, and so does the team I am leading. 

It has been more than 5 months now that these guys sticked with me through the ups and downs of the systems development life cycle— and I am proud of what we all have accomplished.

I am not perfect, and I have my flaws. But the good thing is, we have formed a cohesive team ready to support one another and never let a mistake or failure in one aspect bring the whole team down.

As we close the project, I would like to dedicate this tumble log to you.

Sir Seps, Fred, Mark, R-jay, Kuya Per, Sid and JM—I will always be proud I have worked with you all. Thank you for all the learning experiences, and more so, for the friendship.

We only got a few days left in the project pipeline, but I know the formed bond won’t end when this project closes. 


My project team mates.

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Day 134. Walk.


I decided to have a walk before going home. I chose that pathway where I wished  we could be friends or more.

The difference then and now?

  • THEN: I was with you trying to make a good impression, cracking jokes every now and then.
  • NOW: I am alone reminiscing every smile and laugh we shared on that first walk. 
  • THEN: Sept 2008, the only beaming light was coming from the sparkle in your eyes

  • NOW: Dec 2010, too many sparkling lights around, but nothing can compare to the glow of your eyes then.
  • THEN: I was wishing to win your heart and be a significant person to you.
  • NOW: I am praying that I at least made an impact as a person to you.

I may not have gotten what I wanted us to be, but I am glad we have something worth remembering and reminiscing. 

And when the time comes that I shall write our story, it will always begin and end with that Walk…

PS. Thank you for the memories. Someday, I will have the courage to write everything about you… and how you made me the happiest. 

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Day 133. Glee.


Yes, I am a fan and I am proud of it. 

I always look forward to Thursday’s lunch because we (my lunch dudes and I) get to watch Glee’s episode for the week. The song choices for the episode then becomes viral and that one or two makes it to the LSS list for a day (or two) ‘The Time Of My Life’ has been lingering in my mind every now and then.

After watching the Christmas episode, I realized that much like Britanny, this Christmas, I am wishing for a near-impossible thing to happen. (That’s another story that needs to be discussed in a separate post)  

But Beiste reminded me, too, that I need patience. 

Christmas miracle for me might be in the offing… (much like Artie’s).


Season 02 cast of Glee.

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Day 132. Treat.


Ang buhay ng tao daw ay nakakagulat

Minsan di mo maintindihan ang lahat

Sa sitwasyong ganito, ‘No Response’ ang iba

Pero kadalasa’y nakakabaliw ito talaga!

Ano man ang nararamdaman mo, 

Gusto naming ipaabot lahat sa inyo

Isang “maligaya at masaganang Pasko”

Mula sa mga PM pagbating taos sa puso!


We treated our team mates today with a Starbucks Coffee and a Banoffee pie.

Our way of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Thank you’ for all the hardwork.

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Day 131. Settled.


“Seems like you were saying goodbye…”

– Ma’am CHEENA

“Are you sure about paying all this?”

-Dude LEE


Ma’am CHEENA, Dude LEE and ME in SG’s Sentosa Park.


I settled all my outstanding accounts today so I won’t worry about the dues anymore.

But don’t be sad. I am merely settling the obligations that I have with you.

Dude LEE and Ma’am CHEENA, thank you—for helping me acquire those items I had on my wish list. This tumble log is a testimony of my unending gratitude to both of you. 

Until we meet again. 

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Day 130. The Extra Mile.


You asked me to ring you up, but I knocked on your doorsteps to wake you up instead.

You needed someone to give you a hand, but I offered my arm, shoulders and everything I have.

You wanted to pursue your dream, I re-aligned my life to include you and your dreams in it. 

You always knew you are special to me. Because I always see to it that everything I do for you is more than what I do for all of my other friends. And I would be the happiest seeing you at least reciprocate how I feel. 

You made me wear that winsome smile, that I thought I lost long time ago. 


You did walk that extra mile for me today. 🙂

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Day 129. Collage.


My lunch dudes at the Office.


I was making a collage of the photos I took on our company’s Christmas party, and I can’t help but cry and smile at the same time. 

 Cry—because it will be the last party I am going to attend as part of the Team. 

Smile—because that last party with them was captured, framed and photographed and will forever be cherished and treasured.

And as my collage of pictures takes its final form, it becomes clearer to me that what makes my stay worth reminiscing are the people who, much like me, shared their stories and laughter and more so, their friendship—which strengthened the bond between all of us.

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Day 128. More than a Diamond.


Today is my mom’s 61st birthday—the year after her “diamond” birthday. 

My brother and I, fresh from our respective company parties for Christmas, woke up early and headed home.

And our gift for her this year?  Just be with her this weekend, because we know there is nothing much happier than spending time with people you love and cherish the most. 


Dad, Bro and Sis and Mom.

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