145 Days of Ed.

I chronicled 145 entries of daily tumblr logs. I wanted something to remind me of this ‘time of my life’.

This period has been a turning point in my journey. I had 145 days of mixed emotions— happy and sad, highs and lows, good and bad.

These logs will always remind me of my days with the company I had worked for and the friends I gained in the people I had worked with.

I will surely miss each of them. But I know, someday, we will all meet again.

That’s the reason behind this series–145 Days of Ed.

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Day 145. Final Bow. 

Today is my last day at work.

As I take my final bow, I want to relive the experience I had with Lakeside.

This video is a testimonial of how grateful I am that I became part of the Company.

You will never be forgotten.

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Day 144. Packed.

Today, I got my things organized and ready to go because tomorrow is my last day at work.

Way back six months ago, I never knew it would be this hard. But as the end of the year draws nearer and nearer, it becomes harder and harder for me to entertain the idea that I will no longer be at work next year.

As I open my pedestal and drawer, there are just some things that I cannot throw away.

And much like these things, I cannot just throw away the friends I gained here.

Yes, I have packed all my things and I am ready to do but I wont let go of the bond that I had with the people I had worked with.

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Day 143. Forgotten.


It is peculiar getting that call today, from someone I used to know way back 5 years ago. We had something “worth keeping” back then but we drifted apart.

I need a friend… I am paranoid now” was the first words that came out. 

As I listen to their story being retold while on FaceTime: the usual highs and lows of a relationship, I was stupefied when suddenly:

“How have you been, Ed?”

And then there was silence.

“I read your blogs, and this is what I tell you: You are worth keeping, Ed. Trust me when I say that someone out there is really for you. Give it Time.” 

And then that APO song came in the background, making me teary-eyed as I hang the phone. 

Hindi mo malimutan kung kailan nagsimulang

Matuto kung papa’no magmahal

At ‘di mo malimutan kung kailan mo natikman

Ang una mong halik, yakap na napakahigpit

Pag-ibig na tunay hanggang langit

But I know better now: I had captured every moment worth remembering and the people worth keeping. 

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Day 142. A Duet to Forever.


Their wedding might be an unconventional one, but the bride and groom were beaming with Happiness—the one thing that I, myself, have been wishing for since long ago.

I had attempted a numerous number of times to find You. But I guess, it is not yet time for us to meet and be with each other.

It may not have worked for me all this time, but I am glad it does for some other people.

For now, all I can do is hope and pray that He takes care of you while we still haven’t met.

And that when we do meet, I pray that He gives me a sign—the sign that “a duet to forever” is in the offing.

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Day 141. Fun.


My fun day with family.


If I can describe what happened today in one word: FUN.

Here’s why:

  1. Woke up early as usual, even though I slept late.
  2. First time to hear the Christmas Mass in the morning, just toe with sis who is on a graveyard duty as nurse.
  3. First time to go to SM City Tarlac to watch a movie and eat and shop.
  4. Went home with a cake at hand for Mama and Papa
  5. Arrived home with my godchild, Matt Louie, waiting for me. 
  6. My cousins from Manila arrived Home to celebrate Christmas with us.

As I lie in bed last night, (and slept soundly because of exhaustion, thus the late posting of this log.) I realized I had moments like these with the people I am working with. 

I had captured most of these moments that I will surely look back into.  

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Day 140. Explore.



I became an explorer today. Using the Gowalla app, my brother and I traced the places going home. 

Most of the landmarks that we pass through are still not discovered on the app. And so each time we see past through a place that marks a milestone in our journey, we create a pin on Google’s map.

My reason?

I will trek a new horizon of adventure really soon… and I wanted to still find my way home, anytime. Much like what I am doing now.


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Day 139. Reunion.


This season has always been the time for meeting up old friends, reuniting with family and renewing bonds of friendship. 

Today, my friends and I met with former officemates to celebrate Christmas. This year has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. But as the year draws to a close, we all met to once again cherish our times together.

As I journey into a new year, I am looking forward to another reunion with you. The laughters and smiles that we all shared today will long be cherished. 

Looking forward to seeing you again soon. 


My friends and I at Star City

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Day 138. Online Friend.



Ayos naman ako, Ed.

Ikaw? Kamusta na ang life this 2010?

It was one hell of a ride, but it is worth it.

I must agree.How will you spend your Christmas?

I will go home.

To your province?

Yes. Ikaw ba?

Good. I just stay home. I’m with my family already back home.


Well, happy holiday Ed.

Likewise. I wish to see you one day.

I apologize to you for I was not able to meet you personally. I’m sure we will meet someday.

When the right time comes, yes. Have a Merry Christmas.

Keep in touch—online.


And that’s how I see myself next year—being still the friend that I am, but mostly online. 

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Day 137. Sign.


This is what I usually see when I take my coffee break with best friend on the pantry. But that was 10 or so months ago.

I seldom visit the place since 5 months ago, as it always remind me of the dreams we used to aspire for.

I never dared to ask what are these stripes of yellow and black stand for. But when I got the courage to enjoy this view while I sip my coffee for the last time on this area, it dawned on me that these object markers are “used to mark objects that intrude into the roadway.” (http://www.fs.fed.us/t-d/pubs/htmlpubs/em7100-15/page12.htm)

When I googled it, this “yellow and black alternating stripes may be used for marking surface areas to show obstacles or dangerous locations” (http://www.i-resources.co.uk/health-and-safety/online-library/Safety-Signs-and-Signals-Regs.asp)

Much like the choppers that look for such signs from above when they are about to land, I pray that as I continue the journey I am travelling now, He will show signs such as these, so I can prepare myself for “obstacles”  or “dangerous locations” that might come my way in the future. 


The view of the rooftop of Lepanto Building from the 21F Equitable Bank Tower

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